For Buyers

Getting on Board

Buying a home in San Francisco, be it your first time or your gazillionth time, a pied-a-terre or an investment, is a big deal.  And in my opinion, it should be a fun ride.  There a lot of naysayers our there who think buying a home in San Francisco is hard.  They are so wrong.  Think of it as a game, and me as your coach!

The Simplified Process

I simplify the process and make the complex as simple as possible including:

  1. Preparing you to buy your home with strategies that work
  2. Recommending strategies and lenders who will help you finance your new home
  3. Setting up your search using some of the best technology in practice
  4. Submitting your offer and negotiating on your behalf
  5. Guiding you through escrow and the mortgage process
  6. And finally the closing - this is where I hand you the keys to your new home with a bottle of bubbly!

Your Trusted Advisor

As your realtor and trusted advisor, I take painstaking measures to get to know your style from the aesthetics of your dream home to the details of how you like to communicate.

Work With Brandi

Brandi’s enthusiasm for San Francisco is matched only by her dedication to her clients. She enjoys listening and connecting to those she serves, understanding their needs and helping them visualize their lives in their new homes. Clients appreciate Brandi’s professionalism, boundless optimism, and genuine, straightforward nature.

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