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This San Francisco real estate market is a unique one and requires the know-how of an expert who understands the nuances of this phenomenal market.  Ultimately, my job is to get your house sold for the highest possible price and best terms, and to make sure we don’t give any of your money away, all the while creating a seamless and gratifying experience. 

Below is just a handful of tips that will lead to a successful transaction. We’ll go over so much more in person including the process, marketing, negotiation, pricing, closing costs, and more.  


Recognizing this will help you understand your timeline and what you need or want to do to prepare your home to help you achieve your best possible price and terms. 


Buyers of San Francisco real estate are as savvy and educated as their taste is sophisticated. Many buyers will expect to experience a bright and clean home that is not only exquisitely prepared and staged, but will also help them visualize how they could live in the property. Providing this emotional experience is an invaluable tool for selling your home, and often creates bidding wars that drive up the final sales price of your home. 


Yes, knowing the comps is important. But, understanding the pricing habits that eventually lead to the final sales numbers from those comps is equally important. These habits will vary from property type to neighborhood. As a general practice, pricing too high will keep potential buyers from even looking at your property as buyers assume your home is out of their range. 


It’s important to be up front and honest about any defects your property may have. Most buyers expect the majority of homes will need at least a little bit of work. Providing pre-sale property and structural pest inspections will likely decrease the risk of your property falling out of escrow due to inspection contingencies.


Moving out of your home while it is prepped and shown on the market will lessen the life-style challenges encountered by numerous showings and open houses, and could be your next move while you look for your next home to purchase. Or perhaps you will you be purchasing your new home before or while this one sells. The options are endless for your adventure in real estate.

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Brandi’s enthusiasm for San Francisco is matched only by her dedication to her clients. She enjoys listening and connecting to those she serves, understanding their needs and helping them visualize their lives in their new homes. Clients appreciate Brandi’s professionalism, boundless optimism, and genuine, straightforward nature.

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