A Spaghetti Throwing Story

A Spaghetti Throwing Story

  • Brandi Mayo
  • 04/14/23

A Spaghetti Throwing Story

I’m thinking of throwing a spaghetti party considering how much I talk of throwing it! And, there are certainly plenty of good reasons to celebrate it including the story about I'm about to share!

I have a client who is just two weeks shy of closing on a home where we both thought he stood little chance to win considering he was bidding on the low side for a fixer single family home in a super desirable neighborhood. 

We got him in to visit the property as soon as possible with a contractor. We also requested the disclosure package and I asked the agent to let me know if any early offers came in. And low and behold, even with a published offer date, a preemptive offer came in. But, because we had been actively pursuing the property with the listing agent, we got that call that an offer had been received.

I poked and prodded the listing agent about the current offer, and then we scrambled to put together a clean offer. But this was my client’s first offer and he didn’t feel comfortable going in high. So we threw spaghetti! And guess what, we beat out 3 other offers and got into contract at a bargain basement price. I’m still in shock and still very convinced it should have sold for at least $150k more than my client paid for it. 

And this is all because he threw spaghetti at the wall.

There is still so much fear and uncertainty in the market, and the market is literally so up and down from week to week. There are properties sitting on the market for more than 3 weeks that would have flown off the market in hotter years. The thing is, in a hotter market, even the properties with challenges will still sell like turnkey property. But those challenges in today’s market (brick foundations, spiral staircases, dated finishes, quirky layouts, no parking, no outdoor space) are magnified and no longer as acceptable to so many buyers.

And so this is why I preach throwing spaghetti. Some sellers are super motivated, and some are not. And you just never know when your spaghetti will land on a super motivated seller, so you might as well try!

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