I Have a Funny Little Secret...

I Have a Funny Little Secret...

  • Brandi Mayo
  • 12/14/22

I Love Christmas Music!

I have to admit something… I LOVE Christmas music.. Like, I really LOVE it! And, everyone around me thinks it's so funny that this Jewish gal loves it so much.

But, seriously, there’s something about these silly old tunes that brings me this acute sense of familiarity year after year. At first thought, it seems easy to explain it away with the anticipation of sheer goodness that the holidays promise to bring every year (i.e. presents, cookies and milk, latkes, menorahs, family, Santa Claus, chocolate, candle lighting, Kwanza, Christmas trees - the list could go on). And so, here I am, listening to Christmas music that flashes me back through four decades of holidays, and I really can’t help but to reflect on this past year. 

To be honest, I started 2022 with no business and that was pretty scary for almost four months. But, one of the most important things I have learned about business (and life) is that when you show up (like… really show up) so does everything else! And, I showed up this year. I was more present than ever and set an intention to focus my energy where I felt good energy exchanges. I made the decision that a good energy exchange was a signal to me that a potential buyer, seller or new friend would be much more likely to have a good connection with me and my values. And you know what, reflecting back on the year, I’m in awe that it worked. I worked with some of the sweetest, most lovely, attentive and gracious people throughout this year. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Despite having a slow start to the year, I am finishing having helped so many more amazing people (with more sales) than years past. And for that, I can’t help but to be proud!

And, I’m also pretty humbled. I made some missteps this year (don’t we all?), and every single time thereafter, I made time to reflect immediately on how to fix those blunders and ensure no repeats. And now, as Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree plays in the background, when I look back at the reflections of those gaffes, I feel this immense gratitude and excitement to have the opportunity to both be and do better now, next year and beyond.  

The reality is I’ve been doing this exercise of reflection for years right around this time, and it always brings this immense sense of promise for me and my future that feels so delectably good. And so, of course I love Christmas music! It represents both an ending and a new beginning ahead with yet-to-be-filled amazing promises for a sensational future ahead! 

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Who else out there LOVES Christmas music?

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