Maybe You've Heard the News...

Maybe You've Heard the News...

  • Brandi Mayo
  • 03/14/23

About The Banking Scares

Let me first start by explaining that this newsletter is not about making crystal ball predictions for the San Francisco Real Estate market.  There are so many ways this recent banking scare (coupled with battling inflation) can and will end up playing out that the brain damage should be left for another time.  What I want to focus on is how we react to this. 

There is very little in life that we can control. We can’t control what other people do, we can’t control how other people react, we can’t control what happens in the world around us and we certainly can’t control the economy. But, we can control how we react. 

So, my messaging remains the same as it did last year when interest rates ticked up over night and the market changed on a dime. Say it however you want: 

“Keep Calm and Carry On”
“Pay No Attention to the Noise”
“With Adversity Comes Opportunity” 
“This too Shall Pass”

As the short term economic fate of San Francisco and the Bay hangs in the air, there will always be a market in San Francisco with life events that require people to buy or to sell. It’s this moment of uncertainty that has the potential to lead to incredible opportunity.  

So, who’s ready to throw some spaghetti at the wall with me? 

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