Pay No Attention!

Pay No Attention!

  • Brandi Mayo
  • 01/24/23

Pay No Attention to the Noise!

I’ve noticed over the last several years that the first week of January almost always feels like the first week of school.  Everything seems both new and old at the same time, with excitement about the new year stemming somewhere in the future’s unknown.

And this January, 2023 has been no different. While the city’s number of residential sale transactions and dollar volume dwindled by 27% last year, I found myself having my best year yet with $28.9 Million in sales, growing my own revenue by 20%. 

But, after celebrating myself for beating the odds last year and growing my business, the mind games around scarcity started presenting themselves, especially considering how volume fell so much. “Will this year present even less volume opportunities than it did last year?” "Will I make my big goals this year?" Yes, these are the kinds of thoughts that have been passing through my mind.

But, you know what they say, “success leaves clues.” Last year I put my head down and told myself to pay no attention to the noise. So, while the noise is different this January than it was last January, I have had to remind myself to pay no attention to the noise. 

Literally, PAY. NO. ATTENTION. I did it last year. I’ll do it again this year! 

And you know what has helped me pay no attention to the noise? Having an anthem song! So, as I have been paying no attention to the noise, I want to share my anthem song this year that has been on constant repeat from the minute I heard it a few weeks ago and has been helping me tune out the noise - “Worry No More” by Amos Lee.  There’s something about this song that feels so beautifully apropos to this moment in time and totally reverberates to my soul, redirecting my attention from the noise and ultimately putting my head down.

May you find your own song that reverberates to your soul and allows you to pay no attention to the noise! Oh, and please do share your anthem song with me!

Happy New Year!

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